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  • This person will be used in some of the profiles we create to represent the business online so if you don't want your name there, please use someone else.
  • If you want to provide us with a separate Gmail than your personal business account, create that new Gmail then go to and follow directions to add a new Gmail to your Google My Business account. Select "Manager" after you add us in and then provide that Email and Password above so we can use that login.
  • You can use or the name of your choice to add us. This is used for certain profiles for companies that want to verify that we are a part of the actual business.
  • If anything else is needed for your SEO campaign, we will reach out inside of our communication portal to request the information. You may have skipped something above that we needed so we will let you know in there as well. Thanks for taking the time to fill everything out. Talk soon!

  • Note: Previous Business Name, Address & Phone for editing business: (If business was submitted many times by you or other SEO worker)
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