We offer a lot of services but we really shine in a few key categories that are the backbone of building a true online empire.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using the Yellow Pages is a thing of the past.  Everybody has become addicted to constantly checking their phones or some kind of screen for any information they need.  We look at our screens more than other people nowadays and we are becoming more and more reliant on using the internet to manage our lives.  With our SEO services, White Noise Digital will put YOU on the map!

We will dive deeply into your online presence and determine if Search Engine Optimization is even right for your company first and foremost.  SEO is not for everybody.

After we determine that you are a fit for our SEO services, then we will begin a 360 degree approach to ranking you in multiple search engines.  Google is obviously the bread and butter search engine to make noise in so we will help your company dominate the competition so whenever someone goes online and searches for what you offer, you will be the company they think of.

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Custom Website Design & Optimization

One of the most underrated assets in today’s marketplace is a high converting website.  A lot of companies are still operating off of websites that they designed 5 to 10 years ago and the fact is that the internet is changing rapidly.  If you do not change and adapt with the internet, it will leave you far behind your competition.

While we truly enjoy working with a website that is already updated, modernized, and completely ready to be optimized and ranked in Google, we have found that a lot of our clients that come to us do not have a website that will take advantage of search engine traffic like it could.  Each missed lead can equate out to $1,000’s or more, depending on your product or service.

At White Noise Digital we will build you a custom website that is ahead of its time because we stay ahead of the times by keeping our ear to the ground with Google and the digital world.  When we construct a custom website, we do more than just build a website.  We can redesign your brand, produce your copy (the words on a website that cause people to take action), and we put together proven designs that convert so you can take advantage of each potential customer that lands on your site.

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Video Production

After filming music videos, high end fashion shows for Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang, and many more world famous designers, and being in the short movie industry for a while, we decided to take our video production skills towards a different approach.

At White Noise Digital we decided to begin creating high-end videos for our clients to help them convert more visitors into customers simply because video converts.  Most people watch video over any other medium on their phones nowadays so if you don’t have any videos on your website, you are missing out big time.

We can create a variety of different styles of videos for you whether you want to be on camera (and you’re local in central Pennsylvania), off camera, sales videos, moving word videos, cartoon videos, and more.  Once we determine exactly what your goal is with your video, we will go to work and put together a masterpiece that will go to work for you 24/7/365 on your website or other video hosting sites, such as YouTube.

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Social Media/Reputation Management

We like to tie social media management together with reputation management because they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Your online reputation is extremely vital today in order for your business to grow.  Amazon has changed the game with the rating systems and managing your online reputation has become a whole new job for people running businesses.

With sites like Yelp and now Facebook taking on ratings, recommendations from others, and more, you must build a solid reputation online or your business will suffer from what others are saying about you.

We have a variety of ways to begin managing your online reputation and we like to tie it in with social media management because social is dominating the entire world right now.

We live on social media for hours every day so if your business is not present where all of the eyeballs are, you will be losing tons of business to your competitors that are actively on social media connecting with their potential customers.

Your online reputation will get leaked over to your social profiles eventually so we like to manage both and really help your business shine online.  We can help to consult you with your social media and reputation, we can work with you side-by-side, or we can manage both for you and let you go hands free so you can focus on selling and making more money each month.

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Now is the time to select exactly what you are interested in.  We have a variety of other ways that we can help your business out but these are four of the most powerful ways you can really begin dominating your market online.

After filling out a Discovery Form, we will review your answers to determine how we can help and then we will provide you with a custom video snapshot of exactly where your business currently is online so you can have the best bird’s eye view look at your digital presence and your competition.

Once you go over your video, we will get on the phone and discuss any solutions we feel will be of service to helping you grow your business, get more customers, drive more revenue, and help you dominate your competition.

Your video is absolutely free and there is no obligation to make any purchases with us.  What you learn alone in your custom video will be worth your time to fill out our Discovery Form.  Click the button below and fill out a form now so we can begin helping you take over your market ASAP.

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